HP Challange 30. 5 parts of the Deathly Hallows movies (1&2) that you’re looking forward to the most

they already came out soooooooo


HP Challange 29. What would be the first thing you’d buy at the Twins’ joke shop

Peruvian instant Darkness powder. Cus it’s the first thing I remember they have.

Maybe a muggle magic kit.

HP Challange 28. Have you ever been to the WWoHP, if not do you plan on it

Never been :[ but hell yea I wanna go. What HP fan wouldn’t? Seriously.  Exactly. I won’t be going anytime soon :[ but I am definitely going the first chance I get. 

HP Challange 27. What movie have you watched the most

Order of the Phoenix.

Not because it’s my favorite but because I had free movie channels for 3 months and they kept showing it so I kept watching it.

HP Challange 26. Does it bother you that the movies differ from the books

Sometimes. I mean I get that the films are interpretations/adaptations of the books not the books. And I get that they have to be under certain time limits due to industry-whatever. So I understand and am ok with their tweaking of story lines and dropping of characters for the purpose of getting the main themes and plot lines across. In fact I love when they do it well enough that you forget about the things they left out. That’s the mark of a good adaptation. But as a Harry Potter fan that’s still blogging about Harry Potter in 2012, I would have loved to see some of my favorite scenes on screen, as well as better character development at some points. For example, I was bummed that they didn’t spend more time on the Grindelwald/Dumbledore friendship and Teddy Lupin’s birth wasn’t even mentioned (until the forest scene), nor was Harry and Lupin’s fight. So yea sometimes when I re-read the books it bothers me that I can’t see my favorite scenes play out on screen. But the movies are still awesome, so there’s no reason to get worked up about it.

HP Challange 25. Which character do you think they did the best job casting for the movies

Tough one actually, but I’m gonna say Snape. Even though they cast his generation older than they were supposed to be. (early 30s not 40s/50s) But he was a perfect cast so all is overlooked.

HP Challange 24. Who is your favorite professor at Hogwarts

tie between Lupin and Flitwick. Obviously Lupin was the best DADA professor. And Flitwick is just so cheerful and a bit mischievous which always awesome in authority figures. 

HP Challange 23. Favorite Dursley

Dudley I guess, cus he grows up (slightly). Vernon and Petunia remain forever jerks.

HP Challange 22. Have you ever been to a midnight showing of a movie

Alas, I have not. I’ve caught morning showings but never midnight. :(

HP Challange 20. What would a boggart turn into in front of you

i really don’t know, although there are a number of things i’m afraid of i don’t really know what my biggest fear is. I don’t know if it would manifest into something physical like a giant insect, that would be more of a gross factor than real fear. A dementor would be ideal, because of the whole “there’s nothing to fear but fear itself” thing, but dementors aren’t real and neither are boggarts. So I’m gonna say a sky scraper since heights is my default fear.