"Along with all of the other rising inequalities we’ve become so familiar with — in income, in wealth, in access to politicians — we confront now a fundamental inequality of accountability. We can have a just society whose guiding ethos is accountability and punishment, where both black kids dealing weed in Harlem and investment bankers peddling fraudulent securities on Wall Street are forced to pay for their crimes, or we can have a just society whose guiding ethos is forgiveness and second chances, one in which both Wall Street banks and foreclosed households are bailed out, in which both inside traders and street felons are allowed to rejoin polite society with the full privileges of citizenship intact. But we cannot have a just society that applies the principle of accountability to the powerless and the principle of forgiveness to the powerful. This is the America in which we currently reside."

Chris Hayes (via azspot)
when tumblr has the EXCAT gif I was looking for :D

when tumblr has the EXCAT gif I was looking for :D

Titles With Profanity …

Are good attention grabbers, good job publishing companies. But they aren’t the reason I started reading Skinny Bitch. I’m sure you’ve heard of the Skinny Bitch diet, it was pretty popular when it first came out and the book is still selling pretty well (via Amazon at least). My friend picked it up and told me to read it. Being the follower, I mean amazing friend, that I am I did just that and now I can’t eat meat. Or won’t.

The book talks about a lot of reasons you shouldn’t eat meat:

  • Animal protein is bad for you
  • There are all kinds of chemicals and pesticides in the meat these days
  • Slaughter houses and meat factories are hell on earth

basic stuff.

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My favourite tragic love story is that of an artist and their art

Someone’s been spying on me again

so much truth

A Blog About a Podcast

Let me start off by saying that I just started listening to This American Life on Tuesday.

**Note: these next two paragraphs are tangent-y

I had hear about it a few months back maybe even many months back; whenever Ira Glass first appeared on Conan, or maybe I heard his name in a song idk, but it was a while ago. I checked out the web page real quick one day before bed and thought, “oh that’s cool, I’ll check it out some time,” and then proceeded with life thinking about it every now and then and thinking it probably wasn’t even that good. Cut to last weekend when I finally saw Sleep Walk With Me (something else I had put off seeing after seeing a promo for it on Conan) and loved it. Then a few days later I was on YouTube for whatever reason (I’m sure some other Conan related reason, or SNL actually) and whatever I was checking out led me to a really great Parks and Rec Google talks interview which then led me to a Google talk with Ira Glass and Mike Birbiglia (ha! spelled his name right on the first try, one bonus point for me) talking about their work on Sleep Walk With Me, which I didn’t know they had worked on together.

Towards the end of the interview they mention some youtube clips of Ira Glass talking about how to tell an interesting story. So I checked that out too and thought, “OK this guy seems legit I guess I’ll check out his site.” Next thing I know it’s four in the morning and I’ve listened to not enough of the episodes.

So today after catching up on Conan I decided to check out more of the “episodes” on the This American Life web archive. One episode really struck me, well they all did if I’m being honest here, but I want to address one in particular. This episode of This American Life is a retraction of a story they did early in 2012. It was about working conditions in Apple factories in China, which isn’t the reason I’m writing, although I do find the topic important because I believe in fair and, most importantly, safe working conditions. Also, I love Macs and I want the products I use to come from responsible companies, so double the reason why this subject is important to me.  But what struck me about the piece was the main story about the retraction and why they had to do it.

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“What nobody tells people who are beginners —

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I actually sort of needed this

Even slow progress is progress.


Reminder to myself when I try new things